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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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No one for us or Gaza except for Allah.

Hi All,

  How fast is language changing? Faster than
  ever, here's Brenda's take:

  "I always enjoy reporting on the way our language is
  changing. The speed and range of communications
  globally seem to have accelerated the process of
  change and it is sometimes hard for teachers to keep
  up. Of course one problem we all face is that..."

  Read more here...

  To your success,

  Jacob Peebles

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  ==> Assistant Professor - English

  ==> Teach English Abroad!

  ==> EFL teacher

  ==> HENAN Province -1 Position- 5500-6000RMB + ASAP`

  ==> English Teacher

  ==> We are currently recruiting Qualified English
to join the Madares Al Ghad - Schools

  ==> High Paying Urgent Teaching Jobs in Decent Cities

  ==> Female Gyopo Teachers Needed for Reliable Schools
  in KangNam


  ==> 8000Rmb a month in Tianjin

  ==> Great TEFL Jobs to start Mar, Apr, Jun & Jul 2010
  in Indonesia

  ==> Nurse

  ==> Morocco: Native English Speaking Teacher Needed


  Don't miss this week's article from the field:

  Writing stories, but together?

  Everybody loves a good story. Writing can be fun as
  well as expressive, and writing a story as a group
  project can be even better. How about writing

  Read more here...


  Think you know your stuff? Be the first to answer the
  following question in our job forums.

  --> Is your ESL employer a bully?  crueckert wants to

  ...1 in 6 people surveyed had been bullied
  by someone at work. While some countries have laws
  protecting employees against verbal or physical
  abuse, few people who get...

  Read the rest of this thread (and respond) here...

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