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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jobs,StumbleUpon is Hiring in San Francisco,Lead QA Engineer,IE Toolbar Developer,Senior Software Engineer,Senior Research Engineer

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StumbleUpon is Hiring in San Francisco!

StumbleUpon is a fast growing, pioneering online discovery company that enables people to connect and find relevant and entertaining content online based on personal interests, with millions of registered users. We are an independent business unit operating within eBay Inc. All jobs are located in downtown San Francisco and include: competitive compensation (salary, stock), health benefits, a ping-pong table and free snacks! Our office is easily accessible via BART, CalTrain, MUNI and the Transbay Terminal.

Available Positions

·                             Lead QA Engineer

·                             IE Toolbar Developer

·                             Senior Software Engineer

·                             Senior Research Engineer

To apply, email your resume to jobs _at_ stumbleupon _dot_ com with the name of the job as the title. At the beginning of your email please include:

·                             A short paragraph explaining how you would improve SU

·                             Relevant experience (personal projects are great!)

·                             Your current location

We look forward to hearing from you!

Lead QA Engineer

StumbleUpon is seeking a talented Lead QA Engineer who wants to test with the best! This position demands strong communication skills, a fast learner of how things work, and the obsession to deliver products quickly while maintaining quality. The successful candidate must thrive in a fun, fast-paced, and sometimes stressful working environment. If you are self-motivated and possess a Can-Do attitude, we want to talk with you!
Key Responsibilities:

·                             Design, document, and exercise test cases in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment

·                             Conduct unit, integration, regression, ad-hoc, and edge-case testing as part of our release cycle

·                             Work closely with all parties involved in the development cycle while maintaining a positive relationship that demands respect for quality

Desired Qualifications:

·                             Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience

·                             5+ years of Web Testing experience, emphasis on Blackbox testing

·                             Experience with front-end testing of web applications

·                             Strong hands-on knowledge of Test Automation software such as Selenium, Watir, SilkTest or Windmill

·                             Knowledge of current web technology standards (HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Flash for example) and the tools to debug them

·                             Demonstrable understanding of QA methodology and the Software Development Lifecycle

·                             Vast knowledge of browsers and testing on various platforms

·                             Working knowledge of Unix and SQL

·                             Proficient in filing bugs and familiar with SVN

·                             Passion, Integrity, and Energy!

Highly Desired Skills:

·                             Knowledge of a programming or scripting language (Python, PHP or Perl)

·                             Experience with testing IE & Firefox add-ons a plus

IE Toolbar Developer

We are looking for a talented IE toolbar developer with advanced javascript and C++ object oriented programming skills to integrate IE toolbar components within the StumbleUpon toolbar. The IE Developer will work directly with Geoff and Garrett implementing new StumbleUpon features and improving the overall experience for millions of IE based StumbleUpon users. The developer will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects including toolbar development for social search and content discovery.
Desired Qualifications:

·                             Development experience with IE toolbar strongly desired

·                             5+ years software development experience

·                             3+ javascript programming experience

·                             3+ years HTML/DHTML experience

·                             3+ years C++ Win32 experience

·                             COM, ATL and WTL experience

·                             NSIS experience

·                             SQLite experience

·                             Familiarity with HTTP protocol and cookies desired

·                             Knowledge of PHP and scripting languages

·                             Strong collaborative skills and ability to fulfill multiple roles

·                             Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Senior Software Engineer

StumbleUpon is seeking a self-directed senior software engineer with a desire to build scalable and interesting web applications. We desire someone who is comfortable writing efficient database schemas, clean and efficient back-end code, and has passionate opinions about user interface and interaction. The developer will be working to design and implement new StumbleUpon features and improve the overall experience for millions of people. This position is part of a team that works on diverse, site-spanning projects involving community-facing tools, video, web services, security, anti-spam, user-to-user interaction, advertiser network, and more. Projects will be for both internal tools and highly-used public-facing products.
Desired Qualifications:

·                             8+ years software development experience

·                             5+ years MySQL programming experience

·                             5+ years PHP

·                             Linux/Unix expertise is essential

·                             Experience with version control systems such as Subversion or CVS

·                             Intermediate to advanced HTML/DOM experience (ability to understand and slightly tweak UI team's output)

·                             Experience with C/C++ a bonus

·                             JavaScript and JSON experience a bonus

·                             AJAX familiarity; intermediate to advanced experience a bonus

·                             Desire to work in a fast-paced environment

·                             Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·                             Strong collaborative skills and flexibility in fulfilling multiple roles

·                             Bachelors or Masters degree in Computer Science or related; or equivalent work experience

Senior Research Engineer

We are looking for a talented research engineer to help us improve the quality of our recommendation engine. This will involve research, analysis and implementation of algorithms and data elicitation methods that improve recommendation relevance as user feedback occurs. The data source: Explicit preference and markup data on 14M websites from over 3.2 million websurfers. In total over 2.3 billion detailed stumble/rating/review records are available to analyze.

·                             Work with engineers and designers on methods of improving stumble quality

·                             Invent new algorithms for information distribution and content discovery

·                             Use statistical methods and machine learning to characterize user preference

·                             Investigate data mining and concept extraction strategies

·                             Evaluate and optimize classification and clustering methods


·                             3+ yrs of applied research experience related to computational linguistics, data analysis or search

·                             Experience with statistical analysis and machine learning techniques

·                             Knowledge of Text classification, Linguistics and Clustering

·                             Knowledge of Evolutionary, Bayesian, and Markov approaches a bonus

·                             SQL, Databases, XML experience required

·                             PHP/Perl, C/C++ experience strongly desired

·                             Strong people skills to work with other engineers

·                             Strong work ethic, diligent and reliable

·                             Proactive problem solving skills

·                             Adaptable and innovative

To apply

Email us at

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